Meet Katinka Vermeylen (°1992), aka Studio KATHAN. This Antwerp based inspiring creative was born and raised in the vast fields of de Kempen. Growing up in this area, she learned the importance of finding inspiration and appreciation in the small things in life. Her studies added on to this, and in a few years’ time she got her degree and became a Master of Arts (M.A.) in graphic design/advertising design.

In her work, you can find Katinka at the intersection of many creative and inspiring roads. She is constantly upping her game by exploring whatever sparks her interest, which is mostly fashion, design, and aesthetics. Ever evolving, Katinka has her eyes set on becoming a versatile and multidisciplinary artist. She aims to make Studio KATHAN an all-round design studio, balancing a taste for the arts and with the joy of fruitful collaborations. At the root, you’ll find fair production and sustainable materials, two very important pillars of whatever it is that Katinka’s working on.

From fabrics to colours, lines to shapes, or just a vaguely distinct idea: it excites and inspires her to her very core. Katinka is a designer and photographer that feels all her work, which makes it by definition truly unique.

Of course, nothing sparks artistry and creativity more than the things that make you happy. Katinka loves to be surrounded by friends and family and looks for a new challenge in everything. She likes to discover new places and tries to keep up the sporty spice factor. She also enjoys to dance around and experiment in the kitchen. She happily shares her life with Bert, Antwerp based architect, the perfect match in creative and loving ways.